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Customized Training Programs

Some Fire Departments desire to have less in-class time commitment for their members, but still want them to receive high levels of firefighting education. This is especially true in volunteer, and paid-on-call fire departments, where long training programs like the Firefighter I and II are just not feasible due to the massive time commitment.

The Canadian Fire Rescue College specializes in not only providing departments with competitively priced online theoretical education, but also working with department instructors to ensure they have the tools needed to deliver the practical skills instruction needed to turn out competent firefighters. The instructors are provided with detailed skills sheets that they can use to track student performance. They are also given the ability to view their students grades, interact with them online, and view activity completion with ease.

To make the program even more helpful to the Fire Department, the Canadian Fire Rescue College can also customize the program by adding teaching aids, or student assignments as needed.

Our online training programs were developed in partnership with Action Training Systems Inc. Action Training Systems has been a reliable provider of fire service video for over three decades.

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