Application Package


The application package provides basic student requirements that must be met for all courses. You can fill out the application package below, and a copy of the completed form will automatically be sent to our admissions team when you click the "submit" button (further instructions below).

*IMPORTANT NOTE* Students are now required to submit their application package BEFORE they can remit payment for training programs.

You will need to download and print the Medical Clearance form, Turnout Gear sizing form, and Character References form below. The character reference forms must be filled out and uploaded to the application package along with several other important personal items of documentation. If an item (such as the medical clearance form) will take an extended time to complete, you may still submit your application package without it, and submit it at a later date. All mandatory forms must be submitted before the first day of the practical component. If you are enrolling in an Alberta EMR program, you will also need to download and submit the appropriate EMR program application form with your application package.

If you have any questions, please contact admissions.

Note* First aid must be issued from one of the organizations listed on the approved list here.


  • Review the CFRC Admission Requirements before filling out the form.
  • Review your desired programs syllabus to familiarize yourself with pre-requisites, costs, required materials, conditions and other important information. This information can be found on each program page.
  • Take a tour of our facilities - reach out to admissions to book an on-site tour, or feel free to view our photo gallery to get a sense of what our training grounds and station facilities have to offer.
  • Speak to an admissions team member about your career goals to see what training program will suit you best. Email to chat directly with an expert, or to book a phone appointment.
  • Fill out the application package (below) in the browser (no download needed except for select attachments - which are downloadable below)
  • All "Required" fields (marked with a red asterix) must be filled in
  • When all fields are filled in, a button will appear at the bottom of your screen that says "submit".
  • If you think you have filled in all the "required" fields, but don't see the submit button, click the blue text in the top right corner that says "Next Required Field". This will take you to the next required field that has yet to be completed.

Required Forms (in addition to Application Package)

Optional/Situational Forms

EMR Application Forms (Required for Alberta EMR Applicants ONLY)